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  • 170g of coconut oil 

  • 300g of ground almonds

  • 170g of coconut sugar

  • 1tsp baking powder

  • 3 eggs

  • dribble of vanilla essence

  • 300g of strawberry hulled and chopped

Strawberry and Almond Cake

Pre heat the oven to 160 degrees

Melt the coconut oil

Add all the dry ingredients together and stir in the coconut oil. 

Beat the eggs together and stir in to the mixture

Gently stir through the strawberrys

Scoop the mixture into a tin and cook for 40/45 mins until the top has a slight bounce to it and it has turned golden brown. 

Leave to cool for 30 mins and turn out of the tin onto a wire rack. 

You can make this with raspberries or blueberries too. I like to serve it with whipped coconut cream, or coconut yogurt, more fruit and lots of glitter. This to me is the perfect summer dinner part pudding - also works great as muffins! 


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