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Friday Night Feast

It is no secret among my friends that I am a feeder. If you come to my house, wear stretchy pants and prepare to be fed.

Now, do not be fooled, this is all relatively new to me - I never used to be able to cook anything! I am that girl that called her mother from Uni to ask if you could make cheese on toast in the microwave, and then as I got older I became a master in the purchasing of dinner parties from expensive deli's, putting it all in fancy china and claiming it was all my own work.

Over the last two years however I have learnt how to cook, and always start everything from scratch. I enjoy creating, and experimenting with new tastes and flavours. I don't always get it right, but somehow that is just as good, because you get to make it all again only fiddle with the recipe and make it better.

I love the art of putting a menu together, the fiddly canapes, the cooking and entertaining and that satisfying feeling of giving everyone a meal to remember. I always remember as a child, Mummy pouring over cookery books and glossy food magazines and never understanding what that meant. Now I get it - In my opinion there is nothing better than bringing people together, feeding them, making them feel good about themselves, enjoying each other and knowing you are sending them away happy and full!

From the start people have been skeptical about the way I choose to eat, and whenever people ask me about my "diet" they always look at me and say "but what do you actually eat...?" I am sure they think I am sat at home licking the outside of a lemon, worrying about whether it is organic or not, but in reality, I eat more now than I ever have done and it is all the most delicious and satisfying food. I especially enjoy when they come over for supper expecting a bowl of ice cubes with a side of spinach, and instead end up requesting seconds!

So it's Friday night and I have two of my gym buddies coming over for a girls night, and I am planning a FEAST! Olivia, (the gym wife - see the things I love section!) has experienced my way of eating before. Her first tasting found her gratefully shoving in a piece of date and pistachio cake with cashew orange frosting (gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free cake) in the gym changing room post workout, whilst exclaiming, "This is amazing - I thought it would taste like garage dust!" However Claire was new to my table..... and so I was determined to make something impressive and delicious.

I set about choosing the menu earlier in the week and came up with...


(I like substantial and delicious canapes instead of a starter normally)

Guacamole and corn chips

Halloumi skewers with pea pesto

Sweet potato falafels

Main course:

Middle Eastern Aubergine Stew

Spiced cauliflower rice and quinoa, flaked almonds and pomegranate jewels

Warm green salad


Raspberry and Almond Cake

Berries and Coconut Cream

Coconut Cappuccinos with homemade chocolates

The verdict was "..... Just WOW! A night full of the most tasty and nutritious food where seconds were consumed on all courses! Sent home in a the most heavenly food coma and of course a good bag of snacks"

YAY - Happy and full friends = Happy PK!

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