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2018 - Be you, do you, for you...

Anyone else hate New Years Eve?

I don't like New Year's Eve at all and apparently everyone else seems to really like it.

I don't get it. I've never liked it. I hate the feeling of 'you must enjoy' about it and the 'oooh a new year hooray' stuff and I always feel crap on New Year's Day due to lack of sleep. I'd just rather go to bed by 9pm with a netflix and a green tea, than try to squeeze into the sparkly dress which of course doesn't fit because I ate all the mince pies over Christmas despite vowing I wouldn't, and then you have to stay up until 2am and be jolly...? And whilst we are on it, what kind of "holiday" does not have a food associated with it... a bullshit one in my opinion.

And then, just when you think you are through the worst of it, you have to all discuss your New Years Resolutions. Bleugh.

So there I am trussed up like a sugar plum fairy (that ate all the mince pies) chastising myself for not completing all the unobtainable goals that I set myself at the same time last year, all the while pretending that I am super super jolly about it... oh and now for the kicker - let me just set the same unobtainable goals for next year so the circle of misery can be complete....

Sound familiar??

Well I am breaking the circle and this year I was happily tucked up in bed and asleep by 10.30pm having enjoyed Harry Potter on the TV. A classic night in, and I woke up on January 1st feeling refreshed and ready to tackle 2018.

And what of those pesky resolutions... well I decided I would, instead of setting vague limiting and unobtainable resolutions, get real and start instead trying to enjoy myself.

Rather than rushing forward in a panic to set resolutions or a list of goals I can start on New Year's day, I am going to forget all that and enter the New Year in a mode of being absolutely present, and absolutely positive about how great it's going to be. I am going to stop the “I must” thought mill turning over all the things I should have done in 2017 that I’ll “definitely do next year”. I am entering 2018 with zero pressure on my back to do anything other than remain open to the possibility of my potential, receptive to change and ready to show compassion to myself for my shortcomings.

So this year, it's time to make a real change. It's time to take stock of where I am and what I want out of life, not to continue doing what others expect me to do or what I think might make me seem or feel more successful or more appealing.

This New Year, I will just allow me to be me - It doesn't seem like a big resolution, but in fact this is absolutely bloody massive…..

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